Creating a Classic

"Sparkling juniper top notes balanced by sage and citrus. Pure crystal clear spirit - light and fresh. Uniquely dry with a delicate steeliness."

Our Aim...

At Gilpin’s, our aim was to create a classic traditional London Dry Gin with complexity and versatility with the fewest ingredients possible.

​Clean tasting - perfect for the dryest of Dry Martinis.

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The Secret of Botanicals

Great gin is all about balance.

The strength of alcohol and the balance of botanical flavourings all need to come together to create the perfect gin:

We believe that, with ingredients, less is often more.

We also believe that gin should have sufficient strength to balance and complement the botanicals.

We would rather have just one great cocktail made the right way, to a traditional recipe and with the best gin possible.

Gilpin's uses fewer ingredients than other gins in perfect balance:

Juniper - the essential ingredient in all real London Dry Gins.

Sage - astringent and savoury herbal flavour.

Borage - Mediterranean herb with the essence of freshly cut grass.

Lime, Lemon and Bitter (Seville) Orange for a rounded citrus profile.

Coriander Seed - citrusy spice without which it just doesn't taste like gin.

and finally...

Angelica Root - the heady "Petrichor" base-note scent of hot earth after rain.



A great cocktail is a curated moment that should linger in the...