Gilpin's Cocktail Secrets

From the late afternoon Negroni to the late night Espresso Martini, we think you’ll find using Gilpin’s as your star ingredient will make any cocktail so much brighter.

The first rule of cocktail making is: Keep it simple and classic.

See below for our top cocktail secrets to show you’re in the know...

Gilpin's Gin and Tonic

Gin & Tonic

50ml Gilpin's Extra Dry Gin.

Pour over plenty of ice.

Add tonic (2:1)

Lemon wedge garnish.

The Secret: use as much (very cold) ice as you can fit in the glass.

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Gilpin's Gin Gibson Martini


The classic Mad Men Martini:

100ml Gilpin's Navy Gin stirred with ice and a few drops of Noilly Prat vermouth.

Strain into chilled Martini glass.

Add two onions on a cocktail stick.

The Secret: keep a few extra onions on the side, you'll want more!

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Gilpin's Gin Espresso Martini

Gin Espresso Martini

Get the party going with the best Espresso Martini...

75ml Gilpin's Extra Dry.

A shot of espresso

25ml Kahlua

Shake with ice Strain into a frozen coupe.

Garnish with three coffee beans and a twist of orange.

The Secret: Don't make it too sweet, the Kahlua has enough sugar, no syrup needed.

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Gilpin's Gin White Lady Cocktail

White Lady

A classic from 1930.

50ml Gilpin's Extra Dry

25ml Cointreau

25ml Lemon Juice (fresh)

10ml sugar syrup (Gomme)

10ml egg white

Shake with ice and double strain into chilled coupe.

The Secret: Shake vigourously and serve immediately.

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Gilpin's Gin Dry Martini Cocktail

Dry Martini

The original and best.

100ml Gilpin's Gin (Extra Dry or Navy)

Noilly Prat Dry White Vermouth (a few drops up to 5ml depending on taste)

Stir in a jug between 32-48 times, strain into chilled coupe, garnish with olives.

The Secret: Stir don't shake!

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Gilpin's Gin Negroni Cocktail


The classic aperitivo.

35ml Gilpin's Extra Dry Gin

35ml Campari

35ml Red Vermouth

Build over ice, add orange peel or slice.

The Secret: Keep it simple, no need for fancy ingredients or variations

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